in the Big Bend

Adventures in the Big Bend: A Travel Guide (4th Edition)
by Jim Glendinning

A comprehensive travel guide to the Big Bend area. It includes itineraries for self-guided adventures in addition to a host of recommendations on how best to spend one's time in this most beautiful part of the State of Texas. Includes everything you need for a pleasant holiday in Big Bend: accomodations, shopping, and dining recommendations; hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, and other outdoor activites; museums, galleries, scenic views–you name it–are right at your findgertips in Adventures in the Big Bend.

ISBN 0-9745048-9-0 Trade paper
Retail: $19.95 Page Count: 312, Size: 6" x 9"
Death in 
                        Big Bend

Death in Big Bend: Stories of Fatality and Rescue in the Park          by Laurence Parent         

Seventeen true stories of people who got into trouble in Big Bend National Park. Many died, but some were dramatically rescued by Park rangers.  A riveting read that imparts valuable information to the would be traveler to this very special national park.  The lessons learned here could one day save your life.

ISBN 0-9745048-7-4 Trade Paper
Retail: $18.95 Page Count: 202, Size: 6" x 9"

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